Sunday, February 5, 2017

Beginning Preparations

Starting today, I will make available an account of my preparations, and eventually the actual crossing, of the Pacific Ocean between San Diego and Hilo.  I am moving to the Big Island from Boise, Idaho,and I want to have my Corsair 31 in the Hawaiian Islands.  S/V Wicked, is a 31 foot Corsair trimaran, with an aluminum and rotating mast, and features a mast canting rig. My sailset includes a screacher, and an asymmetrical spinnaker, which is controlled with douser.  Mainsail reefing is accomplished with a boom roller reefer. Built in 2007, most of the boat is fiberglass, with large panels of carbon fiber in the hull.
The level of comfort on this tri is little better than backpacking. There is no unnecessary weight on the boat, no wood is visible anywhere on the boat. There is no galley, the toilet is a porta-potty, and no built-in tanks exist.  The lack of comforts such as settees and water tanks and cabinetry makes the boat responsive and safer.  Trimarans sail over waves instead of through them when they are kept light, resulting in a much more comfortable ride than a monohull of equal length.  Then there is the speed difference....

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  1. I'm curious to learn how your plans are progressing and if you are still planning to go.